The USS Midway is looking for volunteers to join their ranks; whether it is story-tellers, safety officers, restoration, or in the library, volunteers are the backbone of the museum.

SAN DIEGO一 Museums are often learning tools; throughout the early years of education, kids are loaded up onto yellow buses and driven to tall, imposing buildings full of artifacts, and history which can be difficult concepts to grasp when out of context.

Take a museum, keep it in its original context, for example, a carrier floating in San Diego Bay, load it with knowledgeable volunteers and interactive exhibits, and you have a fan favorite that sees between a million and two million guests a year from around the globe.

Walking on the USS Midway Museum is stepping back in time to a piece of naval history preserved in its 1992 state.

Volunteers are posted throughout the ship with colorful hats identifying them as docents and the safety team who are out in front of guests, and behind the scenes volunteers in the airwing and the restoration department who are working to preserve the ship to continue telling its story.

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